Thursday, May 17, 2012

"High energy particle colliders: past 20 years, next 20 years and beyond"

Hey, if you want to read about the history of particle colliders, and the prospect for it in the next 20 years, this article might be something that interest you.

Abstract: Particle colliders for high energy physics have been in the forefront of scientific discoveries for more than half a century. The accelerator technology of the collider has progressed immensely, while the beam energy, luminosity, facility size and the cost have grown by several orders of magnitude. The method of colliding beams has not fully exhausted its potential but its pace of progress has greatly slowed down. In this paper we very briefly review the method and the history of colliders, discuss in detail the developments over the past two decades and the directions of the R&D toward near future colliders which are currently being explored. Finally, we make an attempt to look beyond the current horizon and outline the changes in the paradigm required for the next breakthroughs. 


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