Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm Back!

I'm back after a week of vacation. It went by so fast! I stayed away from checking anything and everything about news in physics. So, anything happened while I was gone? Have they discovered the Higgs yet? Or dark matter? Or an antidote for crackpots? No? Too bad!

I can already feel my work piling up even before I get in to the office. I always dread this first day back, even though I've been checking my work e-mail during my vacation. At least no "urgent" e-mail came my way, no news of any accidents, any major equipment when down, etc.. etc.

After today, I'm sure I'll be needing another vacation.....


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Pi-Guy said...

Vacation? Here's a quote from Joan Freeman's autobiography, 'A Passion for Physics':

"One Saturday morning Frisch unexpectedly brought his famous aunt, Lise Meitner, in the Lab, to show her around. I found her quite fascinating: a tiny person, with bright, penetrating eyes and a dynamic personality, taking an intense and critical interest in everything she saw. Since it was a Saturday there were not many people about. 'Where are all the scientists?' she demanded of Frisch. 'Well, it's Saturday,' he said, by way of explanation. She snorted her disapproval, implying that dedicated researchers should be wanting to work whatever day of the week it was."

The moral of this story: There are no vacations in physics. Back to work, DOG!