Monday, November 15, 2010

Remains of Tycho Brahe Exhumed

The remains of scientist/astronomer of Tycho Brahe, who was buried in Prague, was exhumed to investigate the cause of his mysterious death.

It had been long thought he died of a bladder infection. A famous legend said it was a result of his hesitation to break court etiquette during a reception by leaving for a toilet.

But tests conducted in 1996 in Sweden and later in Denmark on samples of his mustache and hair — obtained during a previous 1901 exhumation — indicated unusually high levels of mercury, leading to a theory of mercury poisoning, even possible murder.

Hey, if they can investigate the cause of King Tut's death, they should be able to put in the same resources to investigate this one.


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Pi-Guy said...

What I think... is his fake nose was made of solid-state mercury, a form of mercury which existed for a brief spell when the ever-changing fine structure constant allowed it, right about the time Tycho lost his real schnoz. As the constant changed again his faux-nose underwent a progressive phase transition to liquid, thus leaching into his body and impairing his judgment about how often to use the toilet at parties.