Monday, November 01, 2010

2010 Jefferson Lab Open House

Video highlights from this year's Jefferson National Laboratory Open House.

As I've said numerous times, if you have the chance to visit any of the US National Labs, especially during one of these open houses, don't miss the opportunity. Not only do you get to see many amazing research facilities, you get to talk to the scientists and engineers who are passionate about what they do, and get first-hand information on a lot of things.



Anonymous said...

How does one find out about them before they happen?

Steve said...

As far as Jefferson Lab's Open Houses are concerned, they are announced through our FaceBook page, on our Twitter account and on our regular web site. We also have an email announcement list that we use to publicize public events.

At the earliest, our next Open House will be in 2012, depending on whether we can safely move the public around the anticipated construction.