Friday, September 17, 2010

Politics And Ignorance Make For A Bad Dating Service

It is often unfair to make over-generalized statement about a particular political/social persuasion. But when things like this keep coming up, it is hard to look away. It also reinforced what I've said repeatedly, and it is an anecdotal evidence for the study that just got published recently.

We have a Tea Party candidate here that won a nomination for the Republican party, and who is going around and denouncing the present US government. However, do you want this person to be in the Senate? It appears that she not only is ignorant of science, but also is does not care of showing off such ignorance. Her denial about Carbon 14 dating is now making its rounds.

Holy crap!

Kathy Griffin once came up with a phrase that best describe such a person : They are proud of their aggressive ignorance.

Yet, there are people who apparently can overlook a candidate that not only have very little knowledge of what they talk about, but also does not mind propagating false information! Again, this is another clear example that when the public is made to choose between facts and beliefs or political persuasion, facts often lose!


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