Friday, July 23, 2010

Fermilab Seeks To Extend Tevatron's Life

In the race to be the first to find the Higgs, Fermilab is being reported to request an extension to the Tevatron's life into 2014 to continue seeking the Higgs.

“We have made big progress at the Tevatron… we have collected lots of data over the last couple of years and this will help us to exclude a significant range of possible Higgs masses,” Stefan Soldner-Rembold, spokesman for the DZero experiment at the Tevatron, told BBC News.

“This will make the region where the Higgs boson can hide smaller and smaller,” he added.

Experts and physicists expect the Tevatron to be delivering more data per experiment by the end of 2011. Improved analysis techniques could further boost the chances of detecting the Higgs signal.

A decision on the extension could come by the end of the year. As of yet, financing and staffing has not been worked out.

Good luck to them! It certainly will make this race very interesting if the Tevatron continues to run while the LHC is powering up.


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Pi-Guy said...

It'd be good for Fermilab to detect the Higgs (or categorically exclude it) even if CERN does so first. I think it would be better scientifically for there to be at least two independent sources of data.