Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Albert Einstein - The Musician

The IoP has produced a couple of videos titled "Einstein's Universe: the scientist, the man, the musician". This is the brief synopsis of the videos:

Particle physicist Brian Foster of the University of Oxford, UK, has teamed up with the British classical musician Jack Liebeck to create a special lecture and performance about Einstein's legacy to physics and the role music played in his life. The show, called "Einstein's Universe", is currently touring the UK. In this exclusive report for, James Dacey talked to the pair before a recent performance at St George's concert hall in Bristol. In [the second] video for, the pair also perform an arrangement of a violin sonata by Mozart in C Major k.296.

Here are the two videos:



Pi-Guy said...

This is nice; but there already was a program (based on Nigel Calder's book) called Einstein's Universe (hosted by Peter Ustinov). It was produced and aired for the occasion of Einstein's 100th birthday in spring of 1979. I think I still have it on VHS tape.

Anonymous said...

There is a great concert review in a museum somewhere by some idiot music critic who says..
"Herr Einstein payd very well, but I don't see why he is so famous!"