Thursday, May 20, 2010

Street Corner Science: Ask A Nobel Laureate

If you are going to be in downtown Chicago on Sunday, June 6, this might be a fascinating thing to attend. You will get to see a physics Nobel Laureate on a Chicago street corner... no, not peddling (although, most of us physicist could use the extra money), but actually answering questions from all comers!

Organized by the Chicago Council on Science and Technology, Nobel Laureate Leon Lederman will be on Michigan Avenue just in front of the Wrigley Building to answer any and all physics questions from 12:00 to 2:00 pm.

This is a terrific idea. If most of the public can't find a physicist, or go to a university or laboratory to get to interact with them, then being them to the public. Having someone as well-known as Lederman doesn't hurt either. Now kids, in case you don't know, this Lederman guy was formerly the director of Fermilab, and also the guy responsible for coining the term "god particle" for the Higgs. So if that doesn't cause your head to bloom with tons of questions to ask him, I don't know what will.




Merci's 360view said...

You can currently Ask a Nobel Laureate on YouTube with David Gross, who received the Nobel Prize in Physics 2004. See the Nobel Prize YouTube channel.

ZapperZ said...

Thank you, but I've already posted this on May 25, 2010.