Sunday, May 30, 2010

Graduation Speaker Perpetuates Myth

At some point, you just have to shake your head and accept that for most part, the damage is done.

The 2010 graduating class of Cresset Christian Academy, presumably in Durham, North Carolina, was told this myth during its graduation ceremony:

It’s the people who’ve believed in the impossible in this world who have been able to accomplish the greatest dreams, she said.

“There are always going to be people who are what I call ‘Dream Chisellers’,” she said. “But you always have to believe that you can.”

Smith also held up the bee as an example of the impossible being possible. Given what we know of physics and aerodynamics, she said, the bee’s fragile, thin wings should not be able to support its bulbous body. But yet, it does fly.

She left a paper cutout of the bee in each of the graduating seniors’ folders, and encouraged the graduates to hold to their belief in Jesus Christ and belief that there is a perfect plan for them in life.

What she meant was given what SHE THINKS SHE KNOWS about physics and aerodynamics....

It is sad that a graduation speaker won't do some simple, basic homework to check up on her facts. Instead, she continues to perpetuate this myth that we can't account for why the bee can fly. This is seriously wrong. For a bumble bee, a very common example when used with such a myth, we know perfectly well how it can fly.

So there's a bunch of impressionable high school graduates who will be walking around thinking that physics cannot explain why a bee fly, and that this is an impossibility that has been shown to be possible. Someone needs to yank this person to the side and straighten her out before she does any more damage with such lies.


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