Saturday, March 20, 2010

National Lab Day

In case you haven't seen this yet, there's an ongoing effort to get students to learn about science by "doing" things. This includes everything from demonstrations, doing stuff in a lab, computer simulation, or visiting places. The project is called the National Lab Day here in the US.

While May 12, 2010 will be called the National Lab Day, the project has been going on for a while now this year. There are already teachers in schools seeking assistance for various aspects of their projects. If you are a teacher, this is the place to seek assistance with your various science education efforts. If you're a student and your science teacher hasn't seen this, show it to him/her. If you are a scientist/engineer, they need you to volunteer your time and/or expertise. Some of these may even be in your community.

It's a good way to get kids to not only be interested in science, but to have them learn from doing or observing something, rather than just reading books and listening in class.


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