Thursday, March 04, 2010

Exotic Antinucleus Detected At RHIC

More exciting stuff coming out of RHIC lately. This one is way up there. They have announce the discovery of heaviest known antinucleus and the first antinucleus containing an anti-strange quark.

The new antinucleus, discovered at RHIC's STAR detector (, is a negatively charged state of antimatter containing an antiproton, an antineutron, and an anti-Lambda particle. It is also the first antinucleus containing an anti-strange quark. The results will be published online by Science Express on March 4, 2010.



Joseph Smidt said...

You know, the RHIC, did not get as much hype as other particle experiments initially, but it seems to be sure going toe to toe with the others in terms of uncovering cool new physics.

ZapperZ said...

Well, they did get their own publicity when they were about to go online. This is the first collider that had experienced the issue of "global catastrophe" scenario, where either black holes, or the formation of stranglets, that could destroy our earth was brought up. So there were a lot of publicity on it, so much so that the Daily Show even did a piece on it.