Monday, December 07, 2009

Tiger Wood's Debacle Drives Sale of Physics Book

It's amazing what can drive the sale of a book, much less, a physics pop-science book. It appears that a copy of John Gribbin's book "Get a Grip on Physics" book was found on the floor of Tiger Wood's wrecked SUV. That notoriety is now driving up the sale of the book.

A series of pictures released by Florida police of Woods's wrecked SUV includes a shot of the back seat, complete with waterbottle, towel and furled umbrella. But there among the shards of tinted glass in the footwell sits a well-thumbed copy of a paperback with the golf-appropriate title clearly visible: Get a Grip on Physics.

This incidental role in Woods's domestic drama has been enough to create a rush to get hold of the book, with the title's sales rank on jumping from 396,224 earlier in the week to a high spotted yesterday by the Wall Street Journal of 2,268.



cormac o raifeartaigh said...

don't understand those figures -are they the wrong way around?

Anonymous said...

Sales rank is like golf scores: the lower the number, the better. A rank of 2,268 is higher than 396,224, because it means the Book has the 2,268th highest sales of all books being sold through that store. Being at 396,224 means there are 396,223 books selling better.

Anonymous said...

the police should check where the author was on that night. looks suspicious...