Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Einstein Won The Nobel Peace Prize in Physics?

One some time wonders if there really still are copy editors out there checking not only for basic spelling and grammar, but also the accuracy of what is being printed. Now I know that mistakes can happen, but some of these things are blatant facts that should be quite well-known, which make them inexcusable to get wrong.

Take this news article, for example. I mean, it goes in way too many directions, but that isn't the problem. The problem comes in with this part of the article involving good old Albert:

Who would have thought that Albert Einstein would be the centre of a lawsuit in 2009? Einstein, winner of a Nobel Peace Prize for physics, who died in 1955, was recently included in a commercial by a cosmetics company. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which owns the Einstein trademark, has filed a lawsuit against Benefit Cosmetics for illegal use of Einstein's image.

Nobel Peace Price in Physics? Really?

Sure, this is nitpicking, but come on now, this is almost common knowledge already. I can somewhat understand if people still think he got the Nobel prize in physics for Relativity (despite the fact that people can easily Google this and find out it was for the photoelectric effect). But mixing up the Nobel Peace Prize and the Physics price? What caused that?



Gordon Stangler said...

The Nobel Peace Prize in Physics? Haha! Amazing.

Anonymous said...

I saw the same mistake in an SNL skit with Kanye West.

Alan Alvillar said...

I have been seeing this popularization of the "physics world" a lot now. The media is getting more and more into physics terminology because they think its cool. I mean, I have no problem with opening physics concepts to a more popularized culture, but if they are going to popularize them at least use them correctly. An example could be what you said about Einstein winning the Nobel for Relativity (most people do think this), or the new Mariah Carey CD called E=mc^2. I mean come on...