Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Video on "Dark Matter" With Teacher Notes to Benefit Students, From Perimeter Institute

Hum.... a video on "dark matter" for high school students? With teacher's notes?

I haven't seen this yet, but this was the press release from the Perimeter Institute on something they are producing. If you have time and want to view it, you can directly go to this link.

Tell me what you think after viewing it. Do you think this can be an effective tool to introduce dark matter to students at that level? Would the teachers be able to understand it, even with the teachers guide?


Nick said...

You seem apprehensive about it - do you think it's too complex?

I think it's likely to be very understandable by high school students although they'll probably be paying more attention to the cheeseball acting then the actual science. That was my only real concern though. The animations, explanations and different perspectives were all very good. Younger students need up-to-date videos like this if we want them to think seriously of science as a career that they can understand and contribute to in the future.

ZapperZ said...

Yeah, I'm a bit skeptical that one can actually explain dark matter to students at that level. But again, as I've said, I haven't seen the video yet. I may this evening when I have the chance.

I guess it depends on how accurately one wishes to present the physics. I'm hoping for something beyond something superficial. But maybe that's an unrealistic expectation for this kind of presentation.