Thursday, March 06, 2008

Follow-Up On Fredrick Seitz

I mentioned in a previous blog entry of the passing of Fredrick Seitz. Someone asked me why I didn't mention anything about his later-years opposition to Global Warming. After all, he was one of the more prominent skeptic of that effect.

I'm not sure why that would be relevant, frankly. The Fredrick Seitz that I know and admire came from his work on Solid State Physics. That was how he made his name, and that was how he became prominent. I'm sure he has his reasons for looking at the available data to be convinced that global warming isn't what it has been claimed. He's entitled to that. It's not as if he's supporting massive human extermination, which was the issue surrounding most German scientists during World War II.

So even though I don't agree with him regarding the issue of global warming, it remains a fact that he has a major influence in the field of solid state physics/condensed matter. Just for that, he deserves to be saluted.


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