Sunday, July 08, 2007

Teacher Learns New Ways To Teach Physics

Middle school general science teachers do need help in effectively teaching physics, especially since most of them did not major or have any expertise in physics. One such teacher did get the help that she needed.

Wish they could have more of these so that everyone could get the necessary training and resources.



Minty said...

Amen to that
I just got hired as a 12th grade physics teacher... I'm biology by background...

they gave me a textbook and said GO!


ZapperZ said...

Whoa. That's nasty.

I would have the same issue if they give me a Bio textbook and ask me to teach 12th grade Biology. Even if I could teach the content, I certainly cannot convey the enthusiasm for the subject, and I certainly would not be able to see the "big picture".

Good luck to you.