Thursday, July 05, 2007

Orbo Goes Under

Sigh... when will these people ever learn!

The scheduled "demonstration" of the so-called perpetual motion device in Ireland didn't work. It seems that just when it is to be viewed by the public, it broke down and won't work. Humm... maybe it is a quantum object where the very act of viewing it changes its behavior to fit what we think perpetual motion machine should be - a heap of trash.

Unless they get a bunch of well-known and respecting physicists and engineers to scrutinize this machine, nothing they can do will convince those who matter the most to accept such a claim. They can advertise as much as they want in the Economist and other media. But until they can convince the true and knowledgeable skeptics, this thing will go down into oblivion like other so-called perpetual machines before it.


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