Saturday, November 11, 2006

Physics? Or Did You Mean Psychics?

I am a regular in one of the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) physics group. Now and then, we get someone coming into our discussion group asking for a "reading". This is such a common occurrence that most of us are used to this. Being a "smartass", I usually go along with such a question. I usually respond with

"Let me see... I already of a vision of you in school... and I'm seeing that you were not very good with spelling, were you?"

Somehow, they're always amazed that I can be see them that well! :)

Isn't it ironic that physics, which is the antithesis of psychic, can have such similar spelling, and that people can make one mistake while aiming for the other?

Lest we all think that only people on internet chats only make such a mistake, look at this very puzzling press release. It's titled "Healers and Physics"! I kid you not. Of course, is a "conference" of healers and psychics. They misspell "psychics" twice in that article. Even more puzzling, this appears to be an advertisement for people to learn something about real estate! I didn't realize that RE/MAX have booths at these things. Don't they know that the attendees to such an event can ALREADY FORSEE what the real estate market is going to be in the future? Get with the program already!


OK, I shouldn't be having this much fun at 5:00 am in the morning. :)



Accurate Psychic said...

Yes..There are many instances that psychics was misspelled as physics.Even in forums and social answers.

ZapperZ said...

But of course, I'm sure you saw that one coming.