Thursday, August 18, 2016

Could You Pass A-Level Physics Now?

This won't tell if you will pass it, since A-Level Physics consists of several papers, including essay questions. But it is still an interesting test, and you might make a careless mistake if you don't read the question carefully.

And yes, I did go through the test, and I got 13 out of 13 correct even though I guessed at one of them (I wasn't sure what "specific charge" meant and was too lazy to look it up). The quiz at the end asked if I was an actual physicist! :)

You're probably an actual physicist, aren't you?

Check it out. This is what those A-level kids had to contend with.


1 comment:

rob said...

I just did the test and got 13 too. I also had to guess at the same one you did for the same reason. lol.

yup, I am a physicist.