Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Big Bang Theory" Gets Stephen Hawking

"The Big Bang Theory" TV series got its dream guest star - Stephen Hawking.

The renowned theoretical physicist will guest-star on the April 5 episode of the CBS comedy, the network said Monday. In the cameo, Hawking visits uber-geek Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) at work "to share his beautiful mind with his most ardent admirer," according to CBS.
I still haven't watched this series. Most of my friends kept asking me if I have seen it, and I kept having to say that I haven't. Then they look at me funny.

Maybe one of these days, I might see it, get terribly addicted to it, and can't stop talking about it. Till that happens, I have to keep telling people that I haven't seen it.



Unknown said...

Typo in the title...

ZapperZ said...

Thank you.


ToB said...

I wouldn't say that this show covers anything about physics other than the main characters are nominally physicists. Also their character depth is somewhat wanting. BUT for some reason it works very well. I think it's because some of the physical character acting is at such a high level that it makes up for any shortcomings in the script. It's really worth watching very endearing and funny. It taps the pop culture around physics rather than physics.