Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Liquid Nitrogen Show

This is a fun video of a liquid nitrogen demonstration to the public during the 2010 Jefferson Lab Open House.

Unfortunately, how many National Labs can do these Open Houses again? With the austerity measures being in place, and with the budget constraints, cutbacks, and uncertainty, such spending to educate the public and familiarize themselves with the National labs are gone. Open Houses at these labs are "luxuries" that they can no longer afford to do. And that's sad, because it is during such times that the public needs to know the important functions that these labs do, and why they deserve public support.



Helge Pettersen said...

In Europe there are lots of 'Physics Shows' where groups of (often) students travel around to schools (or invite pupils) to do just these kinds of shows.

I've done loads of them at junior high and lower high schools, with liquid nitrogen, EM, sound waves, gyroscopes &c.

Check out europhysicsfun.org :)

baseballcancun said...

I was able to be apart of a science practicum team a couple years ago from Vol State CC in Nashville. We went around to different schools in the area to show them that science is actually really interesting and cool. The kids really enjoyed seeing all the demonstrations and activities we had for them. I recently heard Vol St is experiencing budget cuts and the science practicum class is not able to go out to the schools anymore. Plus schools were starting to refuse because the demonstration took up "valuable class time". It is just sad to see how budget cuts and stingy administrators are keeping younger students see how awesome science can be!

SFG said...

Jefferson Lab's next Open House will be on Saturday, May 19th, 2012.