Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Stolen Galileo's Finger On Display

I mentioned this earlier about the discovery of the missing Galileo's finger. It seems that it is more than just a finger. There's a tooth, and a thumb (which is also a finger too, no?).

In any case, they will now be on display in Florence.

A tooth, thumb and finger cut from the body of the famous renaissance astronomer Galileo will go on display this week in Florence after an art collector found them by chance last year.

The body parts, along with another finger and a vertebrae, were cut from Galileo's corpse by scientists and historians during a burial ceremony 95 years after his death in 1642.

'The laymen and masons that were attending the ceremony thought that they should have some souvenir of Galileo's body,' Paolo Galluzzi, director of Florence's Galileo Museum said.

I think I'll pass on this one...


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