Monday, October 12, 2009

Crisis of Thailand and Beyond from a Quantum Physics Perspective

I've often read things published in the mass media that simply made me scratched my head. This is one such example.

Apparently, a talk has been scheduled at the Thammasat University in Thailand on Oct. 18 that has the title: "Crisis of Thailand and Beyond from a Quantum Physics Perspective".

Here's an open invitation to a new talk show-turned-seminar series called "Head + Heart Walking Together!" The first event, on the topic of "Crisis of Thailand and Beyond from a Quantum Physics Perspective", will be held from 1 to 5.30pm, on Sunday, October 18 in the LT Room, Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, Tha Phra Chan campus. The speakers will be Sivinee Sawatdiaree, a physicist from the National Institute of Metrology; Attakrit Chatputi, founder of and the Thai translator of Fabric Cosmos; and Pramual Pengchan, philosopher and writer of Walk to Freedom. Thammasat law academic Kittisak Prokati will deliver a closing speech under the theme of "Scientific Worldview in Social Science".

Now c'mon, any physicist worth his salt would be utterly curious on how one can make such a connection between "quantum physics" and "crisis in Thailand". Of course, my skeptical instinct would be to think that this is another example of the bastardization of quantum mechanics, something that we see very often and something that I've tackled many times on here. Still, I would love to be the fly on the wall when this forum actually takes place. Will there be anyone, on the remote chance, reading this blog that will actually make it to this event? I would love a report on what was presented. Maybe we all can use quantum physics to tackle the crisis in the Middle East next!




Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time. I know one lawyer in the speaker list. This is complete BS.

ZapperZ said...

That's certainly what I suspected, and I've said as much in the blog entry. Still, I want to know to what extent is this BS and how they actually bastardize quantum mechanics. Maybe they'll try it in news ways that haven't been done by other crackpots.


truecrimson said...

From what I gather, it probably a Fritjof Capra-style quantum e.g. western politics, economics etc. are based on Newtonian thinking and thus wrong. It's disappointing because I *think* at least Attakrit Chatputi is a real physicist but he is only a single voice in this event. (I really want to know who Sivinee Sawatdiaree is.) I don't know if some of my friends in Thailand are interested in this.

Sivinee said...

Hey guys!

Your comments are interesting, indeed! You didn't know the speakers, You didn't know the organisers. And I am quite sure if you really know the lawyer who gave the closing speech you woudn't easily attached "BS" to his name. His record is superb academically. You know he got "summa cum laude" attached to all his degrees.

Never mind. You are not scientific mind anyway. You commented without sound proofs. We don't do it in science regardless Newtonian or quantum.

I am sure that Sivinee doesn't read Capra's. She read and translates Landau's and Feynman's.

Good bye boys! Don't make people insult scientists because of your unscientific behaviour. General people who has no real contact to scientists may easily mistake you as scientists. That is a real insult for us.