Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SLAC Gets $68 Million; Brookhaven Gets $184 Million

More stimulus money allocated to the US National Labs. SLAC will receive $68.3 million from the stimulus bill, while Brookhaven will receive $184.3 million.

For SLAC, most of the funding obviously will go towards the almost-completed LCLS.

Much of the new funding will be channeled into the center's Linac Coherent Light Source and its major project — the world's first operational X-ray free-electron laser, which will make stop-motion movies, atom by atom, of chemical reactions and biological processes.

The money will also be spent on particle-acceleration experiments and on seismic improvements.

For Brookhaven, the recently-approved NSLS II will have a quick head start with this money.

About $150 million of the lab's $184.3 million will go to the light source, Chu said. The remaining dollars will go toward building upgrades and equipment at the lab, officials said.

It definitely appears so far that the National Labs getting the large amount of money are the ones having a major construction project to build a new facility or a major upgrade. Argonne, which has no current facility construction or upgrade, is getting the smallest amount so far among the major US National Labs.


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