Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Physics For Future Presidents

This is a serious class at UC Berkeley, but that is essentially the title and the aim. The instructor of the class, Richard A. Muller, certainly has a well-defined goal in mind. It covers many important issues that are related to physics, but in a non-trivial manner. Essentially, if you become the President, or leader of a nation, these are the physics that you should know for you to be able to make an intelligent decision, rather than delegate it to someone else.

They got a bit of publicity on this also, which they deserve. There are also other free online lessons that are listed on the ABC7NEWS webpage that you might want to look for.

I'd go even further if it isn't explicit in that webpage. It is essential for EVERYONE to understand the material being covered here. We all have to be able to decide on these issues. Without proper skill and background knowledge, one will be making guesses based on ignorance, rather than a rational decision. Many of our problems we face today are simply too important to be decided based on guess work.



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